Some LogoA man driving through Glenwood Canyon, Colorado with his family gets hit by a boulder that falls from the canyon walls. His wife and two boys are killed. He must decide whether to live on-and then what that life should be. Art Daily doesn't know what hope will look like-until he meets Allison Snyder...
A True Story of Loss and Love
“Out of the Canyon is a riveting and powerful witness to the healing power of love and Spirit over the worst, most unimaginable loss. It both shatters your heart and deeply heals it all at once. Reading it will be a profound gift to all who have ever lost a loved one, or may.”
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Art lost his wife and two young sons when a boulder dislodged from Glenwood Canyon and struck their car. Could you have survived such a tragedy? What would be your means of support and comfort? Download our Study Guide

Inspirational Stories of Life, Loss and Love
Allison Daily is the co-director of Pathfinder Valley Angels, a non-profit organization the serves Aspen-area cancer patients. She is also the bereavement counselor at Aspen Valley Hospital. Please Read her Blog.

"One of the best books on grief I've ever read."

"Out of the Canyon helped me in dealing with grief after the death of my son. I was in so much pain and this book gave me hope that I could make it through this awful loss of a child."

"In many ways, this book is the best grief recovery handbook out there. Many books give you formulas and 'how to's.' Allison and Art Daily give us their personal, raw stories of loss and show us how to grieve in a healthy, hopeful way."

"I lost my wife three years ago...You can read about the stages of grief in many books about loss. One of the greatest things shown in Out of the Canyon is that their are no rules in your personal grief. Art Daily gives the reader a raw account of what it is like to experience the loss of a child (in his case, children) and the loss of a spouse. After reading this book, I knew I could find hope once again."

"This book is about grief and loss, but even more it is about hope. I've never lost someone I've loved and yet I came away so thankful I read the book. I now feel better equipped as to how to help and reach out to other people who have lost a loved one. I also look at my own life differently as a result of reading it. I recommend it to everyone and anyone..not just for people who have had loss."