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A New Beginning!

Okay…so this is our first blog for Out of The Canyon.com. Are you wondering what this is all about? Well, let me tell you! My name is Allison Daily and my husband’s name is Art Daily. We have written a book that is being published May 12th by Harmony Books. We are very excited about this. Writing the book was a long process. It took about four years of writing and re-writing and editing again. The process was at times very hard emotionally. Mostly, though, it was a time of healing for us individually and together.

I lost my brother, Rod, to suicide a few years after I graduated from college. I married a man and then went through a divorce. I went to Colorado with a good friend to heal and get away.

Art lost his family in a tragic car accident in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado. A massive boulder fell from the canyon walls onto the car he was driving and killed his wife and two young sons. To say it was a tragedy seems not even to touch the surface.

I heard about Art’s accident and eventually wrote him an anonymous letter and sent him a tape of songs to grieve. I was getting ready to move back to Texas but I wanted him to know someone who had experienced loss was thinking and praying for him. Art was receiving hundreds of letters but decided to read mine right away. The tape of songs I sent contained many of his wife, Kathy’s, favorite songs. Thus began the miracles that brought us together. Now we are married and have two sons of our own. The whole story is in our book: Out of the Canyon.

I can’t even tell you what it was like for both of us to write this all down in a book and yet, we both know now that that is what you do. You share your grief, your pain, and your heart. You open up and you let the world know what your journey has been. Why? So that others who are grieving can read it and possibly find some comfort. It is also cathartic to release the pain you hold within .The book also can help those who have friends going through loss; knowing what people need and what things help them can really be a blessing.

We are very excited for this website to launch and for the blogs to begin. What we hope to do is to share aspects of our everyday life, the process of writing the book, the publishing of the book and pieces of our grief process. Our goal is simple: to reach out, to share and hopefully touch others’ lives. There are many things happening now in our world that cause stress and heart ache. There is also a wave of hope and change with new leadership and cleansing of greed. We hope to be a light, a place of hope. Our own President has called us to service to others. Our experiences and thoughts are what we have to give. While I will be doing most of the blogging (because Art is busy with his job), Art will oversee it.

I am not a counselor, nor is Art. I am trained as a grief counselor at Aspen Valley Hospital for women who go through the loss of a child while during birth or in miscarriage. Art is a lawyer. What we have to offer is our own experiences and the insight that brings.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this website, the blog, and for hopefully buying the book .I hope you’ll post your own thoughts and experiences as well. It means a lot to us. We hope you come back and keep visiting!

Posted by Art and Allison Daily at 8:21 PM