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Synergy Yoga Retreat
Art and I have spent a week in Sayulita, Mexico. We went for a yoga retreat with 20+ other people who happen to come from all over, though many were from the Aspen area. Though Art and I went primarily for the yoga (synergy—which is partnership yoga, and Bikram’s) and the instructors—Kate, Amanda and Ambere, who have become good friends, what I love is the extra surprise of meeting other participants and spending a week with them in a relaxed setting.
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Giving Back
I wanted to share an email that Art wrote to a friend who asked him the question, "What prompted you to give back to others after the accident?"
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Seeing the Light Even in the Darkness
Spring can be such a breath of fresh air. Especially if you live in the mountains where it snows all winter. Once the buds start blooming on the trees and the sun seems even more intense, it’s as if the world’s telling you to wake up and feel the hope around you. Conflicting emotions surface for me in spring and early summer because it’s when my brother, Rod, killed himself. I begin to feel the emotions creep up before the actual day when he left.
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Sixteen years ago today my husband Art lost his family when a boulder hit the car they were driving in Glenwood Canyon. With compassion and guts he has worked through the grip that grief put hold on him. He has missed Kathy, Shea and Tanner so intensely that at times, when I held him amidst this pain, I wondered if any human could come out alive. In that missing and in the remembering of their time here on earth, he has honored them so beautifully. There has not been a day when I haven't marveled at his strength and also his weakness to be willing to go anyplace emotionally in order to find joy in his life again. He has believed all along that they would want him to live on and live joyfully.
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Surviving the Holidays After Loss
When your heart is broken in grief, you’re not sure how you are going to get through the next day, much less the holidays. Holidays should be spent with the ones we love. It’s a time of celebration, of giving to those we care about. So, if your loved one has died, please don’t think I am in any way making light of the hole you must feel in the center of your being. I only wish to offer ways to honor and remember the one who is gone from your life.
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Springtime In My Heart
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A Tribute To 911
I met Sharon when she read an article about the book my husband and I wrote. She wrote me an email and eventually we talked by phone. After our first conversation, I remember turning the phone off on that warm August 2009 day, sitting under my favorite tree in the yard and weeping. The story she told ripped me to my very core and will never be sewn shut.
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The Numbness In Grief
I am a grief counselor. My work usually begins inside the hospital and then takes me into the real life of people who are experiencing loss. Lately I have been talking with them by phone, or at parties. Loss seems to turn up everywhere I look. It reminds me of the pretend monsters I imagined as a child, the ones that lurk behind doors, waiting to spring out and surprise me.
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What Am I So Afraid Of?
I want to dissolve the fear in my life. I want to live from a place of trust and openness, and not let insecurity get in my way. I’ve decided that in order to do that I need to acknowledge my fears and then wish them goodbye, not let them have power over me. Most of my fears stem from my past. Growing up in a wealthy community, but not coming from a wealthy family, I looked around me and constantly made comparisons and judgments about myself. I figured out what I needed to do, wear and say in order to be accepted. I bought into the whole popularity contest, though no one pushed me into it. I brain washed myself into thinking I needed to ‘be all’ and ‘do all’ tot ultimately be popular. Funny thing is, I don’t know now if I ever was.