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Aspen Authors’ Book To Become Movie
Book-to-Movie Adaptation in the Works for Allison and Art Daily’s “Out of the Canyon” ASPEN, Colo. – June 27, 2011 – Ghost Town Ventures of Los Angeles has purchased the movie rights to “Out of the Canyon,” an inspiring story of how two people managed to survive the tragic deaths of those closest to them and how they found the courage and strength to move on to build a new family together.
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Joplin Missouri
On May 23rd Joplin was devastated by a tornado. Most of us saw pictures and read reports of how tragic the damage was. Weeks later I can’t get them out of my mind. I keep thinking to myself, “Oh, I’m going to yoga or work or for a hike or whatever I am doing.” And then I stop and think, “What are the people in Joplin doing? Are they trying to find their belongings still? Are they grieving for someone they lost? Do they have hope?”
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Important Word From Paul Harvey
I love Paul Harvey and I love these words he says.....
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Memorial Day Tribute
John Husband, Chairman of the Managing Committee of Holland and Hart (the law firm Art works for), wrote the following letter to all the lawyers and staff in the firm, which is the largest law firm in the West. I appreciated what he said so much, I asked if I could share it and he agreed. I hope you all will enjoy his words as well and take them to heart on this special weekend:
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Listening With Your Heart
I think an essential part of the grieving process is what I've heard called "liminal space," or a time between things. If you've had significant loss in your life, you know that there is a time period when you are beyond the intense period of crying but you still feel the pit in your stomach, and the missing still aches inside you. It's as if your head says to your body, "Okay, this person is gone. He/she is not coming back. You have honored them, grieved for them, allowed them the freedom to 'go,' it's time for you to move on." So, your head and logic know that it is time to figure out what is next and how to take that next step and yet part of you doesn't want to. You are in a state of liminal space. I can tell you right now, I think it is an absolutely okay thing to be in that place. It's a time that can lead to hope.
Graduation Speeches for AHS Class of 2010
Allison's Speech: Welcome everyone, but above all, the graduating class of 2010. Art and I are honored to be speaking to you today. Thank you. Before Art comes on, I want to talk to you about something that has made a difference in my own life. Let me preface this by telling you that when I was your age I didn’t understand these things. I wish I had. My hope for all of you as you enter college or wherever your life is taking you, is that you learn to listen to yourself. If you can learn to trust your gut, your intuition or whatever you’d like to call it, then I believe you will be a stronger person.
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Sharing our Pain
Loss is so horrible. It hurts in ways none of us can put words to perfectly. In fact, I think the devastation and other massive emotions we encounter make us go to lonely places we aren't sure we can recover from. When my brother committed suicide, for so long I wondered if the ache in my chest would ever leave? Other days I begged the ache never to leave because it was my connection to Rod. The emotions were my link to his memory.
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The Five to One Ratio
I heard something great today, something I needed to hear. In order for a marriage to be successful, there must be a ratio of five positive comments to every one negative one. I may have heard that theory before but today when John Tesh talked about it on his radio show it hit me like a lightbulb: I need to stay conscious to the feedback I give to Art throughout a day. For that matter, I need to use the ratio with my children as well!
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Grief and Joy
When I think of grieving, I think of pain and sadness. I think of my stomach in knots, tears flowing uncontrollably and a broken heart. Joy has no place in grief at first glance.
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Balancing Your Holidays!
There have been years when I have been so overwhelmed with holiday parties, buying the right gifts, making all of the food and making it perfectly, that I forgot the meaning of this time of year. Depending upon your faith, this time of year can have different meanings, but for all of us, it is a time of remembering, thankfulness, joy and celebration. Gifts and food are a part of it but they aren’t the most important part.