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Grief and Loss During the Holidays
When I lost my brother it was early summer time. The flowers were out, the heat hadn’t magnetized and yet I could find beauty in nothing. I felt like I was never going to get over the pain from his death. In some ways I felt paralyzed, almost not feeling at all, from fear that if I did feel I would never come back.
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CJ’s Bus…Inspiration!
I’m having one of those days when I feel thankful to be alive. It’s crazy because as I look outside at all of the snow we are having in Aspen and around, I think, why am I so happy? It is freezing cold, the sun hasn’t been out in three days and all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep but I am at work instead.
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I was thinking today what it feels like to wish. Not small wishes like, "Oh I wish I hadn't forgotten that!" Rather a big wish like, "I wish I could go on vacation to the beach!" What I think of when I think of big wishes is hopefulness. I think of intention. I think of possibilities. I think of the Pinocchio song 'When You Wish Upon a Star.'
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Hope Floats
There was a fun movie named Hope Floats starring Sandra Bullock. It was a love story and though I haven't watched it in years, when I think of it, I smile. Maybe I'll rent it on Netflix to see if I still like it as I did years ago. I'm a hopeless romantic and love almost any movie with a half-way believable story of love. It makes me feel good and hopeful inside.
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A Nice Reminder!
Here's an email that I thought says it all (or almost!) Subject: 7% This is something we should all read at least once a week! Written By Regina Brett, 90 years old, of the local newspaper "The Plain Dealer", Cleveland , Ohio "To celebrate growing older, I once wrote the 45 lessons life taught me. It is the most-requested column I've ever written." My odometer rolled over to 90 in August, so here is the column once more: 1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good.
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What Does Grief Look Like?
When my brother Rod killed himself the grief itself made me feel like I was going crazy. One minute I was okay and calm, the next I was hysterical. If we are in the depths of loss and grief, the intense emotions and sometimes lack of them often make us wonder, “Am I all right?” or “Am I doing this correctly?”
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Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?
Almost two weeks ago we were in Canada with our boys who were at hockey camp. We got a text and some emails from friends about some news back in Aspen. It brought both of us to tears and once again we wondered, "Why do the hard things happen to some of the best people?" A man and his family were vacationing in Aspen. I'm not sure how long they were here but they had been having fun, visiting friends and playing with other families (I think) from Kansas City, Missouri. It had all been great and it was time to go home. They got the car packed up, put all the bikes on the back and headed out of town.
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Learning to Trust Again
I think one of the common elements of grief, deep pain and uncertain times is the inability to trust again. This can refer to trusting others, trusting yourself and even trusting God. I think that trusting again is one of the essential elements of healing. It isn't easy. In fact it may be one of the last parts of the grief process that surfaces, but it can also be a huge breakthrough.
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Here is the post to Read…Dr. Joanne Cacciatore
There is something beautiful about a billion stars held steady by a God who knows what He is doing. They hang there, the stars, like notes on a page of music, free-form verse, silent mysteries swirling in the blue like jazz. And as I lay there, it occurred to me that God is up there somewhere. Of course, I had always known He was, but this time I felt it, I realized it, the way a person realizes they are hungry or thirsty. The knowledge of God seeped out of my brain and into my heart.
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An Outlook on Life and Death
I am writing because I think that as we go through life, so much much depends on how we see things. In other words, if we think negatively, often times negative things happen. The same is true for the positive outlook. It is called many things, including The Law of Attraction, Like Attracts Like, etc. While I'm not big on "naming" things like this only because it tends to put it into a box of thinking..and I'm an out of the box person. I do appreciate the concept because I find that when I concentrate on being and thinking positively, it affects everyone around me, including my family, my writing, my job, etc.