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Life According to a Bulldog

We own an English bulldog named Chloe. She is by far one of the greatest joys in our life. One of the reasons why is the ways in which she leads her life. I wish I could either live my life more like her or learn more about how to live from her:

1. Life is all about the food. The minute I step into the kitchen, she comes running in hopes it’s dinnertime. She will eat anything –she even ate Epsom salt the other night—anytime she’s actually awake.

2. She can fall asleep at the drop of a hat and in any position you can imagine. While I am writing this she is sitting on her doggie bed, looking at me (to see if I will go into the kitchen for food) and she is falling asleep while she is watching. Basically, she eats and sleeps, that’s it.

3. She, like many dogs, is happy all of the time. She doesn’t have bad days; she doesn’t have p.m.s. or mood swings or bloating. She’s just full of joy and her sole purpose is to love and make all of us happy too.

4. Everything she does, she does fully. She can go from watching me intently to full on snoring in 15 seconds flat. No joke!

5. She is more devoted to Art, “her daddy” than anyone. Art didn’t want a bulldog. He wanted a golden retriever, a dog to take on long hikes and bike rides. Well, now Chloe has him wrapped around her long tongue. When you say, “Daddy!” Chloe jumps up…and that is chore for a 50 lb. dog that’d rather sleep, races to the door and doesn’t leave his side until he leaves for work the next day.

6. She doesn’t care what she looks like. She thinks she’s beautiful and she prances around the house to prove it, especially for her Daddy. When my friend Pam saw Chloe for the first time she said, “That is the most ridiculous dog I’ve ever seen in my life!” And she was right. But Chloe doesn’t care because she sees herself from the inside, not the out.

May we all learn to be more like a bulldog!

Posted by Art and Allison Daily at 9:17 PM