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“This is the story of the worst thing that can possibly happen to you. It would be too shattering to read were it not also the story of the best thing that could ever happen to anyone. Out of the Canyon serves as evidence that life sometimes hides the most precious gift inside the very heart of darkness.”

–Augusten Burroughs, author of “Runs With Scissors”

“Art and Allison Daily bear witness to the continuity of life. They share the signs and signals of a love transcending time and distance. Out of their loss comes a flow of grace.”

–Julia Cameron, author of “The Artist’s Way”

“How can a book about unspeakable tragedy be uplifting and joyful? Allison and Art Daily’s story manages to be that and more. It offers hope to all of us who grieve and stands as a tribute to the human spirit and the possibilities that exist even when we feel that there are none. Out of the Canyon shows us hope, inspiration, love, and yes, even joy.”

–Ann Hood, author of “Comfort”

There were four passengers in the car and a boulder killed three. The wonder is how could the fourth survive. And OUT OF THE CANYON is a truthful, brutal, lovingly told account of how one man and his new partners in life can survive. This book is a teaching of the highest order.

Bob Rafelson, Producer of “Five Easy Pieces” and other films

“It was mind-boggling what happened when Art was driving home from a hockey game in Vail, Colorado, with his wife Kathy and their two young sons. As he drove through the Glenwood Canyon, high up in the Rocky Mountains, a boulder leapt off the canyon wall, crushing his car and instantly killing his wife and sons but leaving Art unharmed. Allison’s brother committed suicide three days before she was due to get married. The marriage ended in divorce. Art and Allison met several months later, became friends, and married.” Read the entire article…

–Ed and Deb Shapiro
Featured Bloggers at HuffingtonPost.com/living and Care2.com
Authors of “BE THE CHANGE – How Meditation Can Transform You and the World”

“Out of the Canyon is a riveting and powerful witness to the healing power of love and Spirit over the worst, most unimaginable loss. It both shatters your heart and deeply heals it all at once. Reading it will be a profound gift to all who have ever lost a loved one, or may.”

–Sonia Choquette, author of “The Answer Is Simple” and “Trust Your Vibes”

“That afternoon, as the Dailys were driving home to Aspen from a youth hockey game, a boulder tumbled from the canyon wall and smashed into the passenger side of their Chevrolet Suburban. Kathy Daily, Art’s wife, died at the scene. Their children, Tanner and Shea, ages 11 and 6, respectively, later died at the hospital. Art, who was driving, came away unscathed. But his life was shattered.” Read the full article…

–Vail Daily

“The more universal a truth, the more valuable is that truth. The sharing of deep personal loss and grief benefits all of us who form a community. In “Out of the Canyon” there is a gift, a promise and glue to my community and yours.”

–Sheriff Bob Braudis, author of
“The Kitchen Readings, Untold Stories of Hunter S. Thompson”

“Kindred Souls. Aspenites Art and Allison Daily offer up their story of bereavement and new beginnings…. ”
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5280 Magazine out of Denver

“Amid grief, love blossoms. In the fray of surviving tragedy, two Aspenites find each other and forge a new family. Now, they’re helping others see ‘Out of the Canyon.'”  Read the full article…

The Denver Post

“‘Out of the Canyon’ — to be published Tuesday, May 12 by Harmony Books, an imprint of Random House — tells the Dailys’ infinitely sad, improbably uplifting story. The book is one thing — a well-told account of a brave, unlikely recovery from the unthinkable. But stronger than words are the Dailys themselves…”  Read the full article…

The Aspen Times

“Westlake native, husband turn tragedy to triumph”  Read the full article…

Westlake Picayune

“In ‘Out of the Canyon: A True Story of Loss and Love’ (Harmony Books, $24), the Dailys describe how they built a life out of the ruins of their pasts, a process that culminates in the birth of their two sons, Rider, now 12, and Burke, 11. Though there are some New Age-style passages that will try some readers’ patience (‘This is the magic of hope, the searing heat and glow of our eternal spirit’), there are also passages of brutal honesty.” Read The Full Article…

Austin 360

“To read Out of the Canyon is to truly witness a miracle. The Daily’s have courageously recounted the intimate details of their devastating losses and the long road to finding love and joy again despite tragedy. The result is an almost unbelievable story of grief and recovery. This is a book I will keep forever as a reference on helping others through their grief, a resource on the process of grieving and a reminder that there can be hope and healing after the death of a loved one.”

–Dawn Demas, Charlotte North Carolina

“Out of the Canyon offers a new perspective on death. The book chronicles the courage it takes to keep on living after the loss of a loved one and gives hope that love can rise from the ashes of grief. While the losses were tragic, the message is inspiring.”

–Kristin Macdermott, Los Angeles, California

“After reading Out of the Canyon, I knew there was hope and that one can survive the death of a child. Art and Allison’s amazing story of healing inspired me to look for the miracles in my life.”

–Ashley Jardine, Carbondale, Colorado

“Out of the Canyon is a powerful story of hope after loss. After the death of Art’s wife and two sons and Allison’s brother, they find each other and help each other go through the stages of grief. This book will help anyone deal with their grief and loss and learn to expect a miracle.”

–Paula Grey, Denver, Colorado

“Out of the Canyon is a story of hope and healing.. How hope can grow out of the indescribable tragedy of the loss of a child or suicide of a loved one. How healing from that grief can bring the return of joy to one’s life. I is a story of death and survival; love and loss; hopelessness and healing.”

–Margo Chisholm, Santa Cruz, California

“This powerful story will resonate with anyone who has experienced grief. It delivers a message of hope and healing after the loss of a loved one. A truly inspiring read.”

–Johnna Jones, Austin, Texas

“Allison and Art’s story is about hope, and allowing our angels to guide us after our loss.”

–Mary Herr Tally, Austin, Texas

“This book shows how unexpected spiritual help can heal even the most incomprehensible tragedies.”

–Jen Catto, Carbondale, Colorado

“The light to help you find the way; the light that got us Out of the Canyon.”

–Laurie Gosda, Aspen, Colorado